Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing

If you love handcrafted exquisite glass items, this is the place to go in Langkawi. At Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing Studio, the local artisans create an array of glass make crystal items that are amazingly beautiful. Although glass blowing art picked up in 1990s in Malaysia, this studio in Langkawi was established in 2002. Since then the local craftsmen here have been using manual method to produce the beautiful artwork


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During glass blowing, air is blown into a molten piece of glass to create a bubble and the craftsmen work on that blob of glass to give a delicate shape. It is a time consuming delicate process that requires the blowers to work in a furnace at very high temperatures ranging between 1,300° and 1,400°C, and sustain the radiating heat.

At the Faizy Crystal Langkawi, the raw material (the glasses) for making the items are brought in from Netherlands while the color shades come from Germany. The technological know-how of making the glassware has been adapted from Sweden. However all items are designed and handcrafted at this studio by local artists. The items here are produced for sale in both domestic and international market (mostly in European market at present).

The glass blowing studio is located behind the main building of the Cultural Craft Complex at an easy walking distance from the Craft Complex. The entry way is from the road Jalan Teluk Yu and opposite to the Shark Bay Beach. You can walk in and see demonstration of how such items are delicately hand made by the craftsmen. There is no admission or demonstration charges and there is also no obligation on your part to buy any items.

Kraftangan Malaysia is an agency under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. It was formed under Act 222 – Malaysian Craft Development Corporation Act 1979 and Act 562

Malaysian Craft Development Corporation Act (Amended) 1983. Kraftangan Malaysia’s Board of Directors are headed by the Chairman and its members include the Deputy Chairman, the Director-General of Kraftangan Malaysia and candidates from government and private sectors. Kraftangan Malaysia is spearheaded by the Director-General and assisted by two Deputy Director-Generals; Deputy Director-General (Operations) and Deputy Director-General (Development) to reach the vision, mission and objective of Kraftangan Malaysia.


Become the leader in the development of the country’s strong and competitive craft industry


To commercialize craft art products through marketing, product and entrepreneur development


• To raise awareness and increase interest in the usage of local craft products
• To develop market-oriented quality products
• To expand the market size of craft products
• To encourage growth and develop the craft industry; and
• To provide trained personnel’s according to the craft industry’s needs.

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